Casing and Baseboards: Other wise know as “case and base” is what a finishing carpenter does to finish of the doors, windows and flooring areas in your home or building to cover up the gaps needed for expansion and contraction that naturally occurs in any building.

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Crown Moulding: When someone puts moulding up around the ceiling of any room this is called crown moulding. Crown is considered a feature to most homes today. Almost every luxury home has crown moulding throughout the entire house.

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Wayne Scotting: This is the mouldings and panels placed mostly in hallways and can be placed around any room.  Wayne Scotting is very attractive and also works as protection against everyday bumps and gouges that might occur in a high traffic area. Wayne Scotting can be done in various styles and can become quite ornate and with much detail.

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Built in Cabinetry: A finishing carpenter can build custom cabinetry in place to acomidate and utilize every inch of space requiered. In many cases book shelves, wall units, and pantry spaces are considered built in cabinetry.

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Exterior Siding: Exterior siding can make any house feel like a home. Exterior siding can give a look of heritage even to a new construction home. Exterior siding can also be repaired by a finishing carpenter. Siding usually comes in planks and is beveled on one side to creat a look of depth, or it is a tounge and grove system to create a tight seamless look.

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Exterior Shingles: When shingles are put on a house it really brings the look of Heritage. Shigles can be put on in a number of ways to create patterns that bring a style like no other. Exterior shingles are usually made of cedar trees due to the long lasting capabilities of the cedar.

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Soffits: When a finishing carpenter puts on wood soffits you make the look of luxury like no other. Soffits can be a number of different woods due to the fact the are less exposed to the natural elemens. Soffits can be painted, or stained with solid body or clear stains to get the desired look the designer is looking for.

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Decks & Gazebos: When people think of finishing carpenters many people think of interiors. But of course finishing carpenters also work with wood for your decks, gazebos and stairs. Pillars and posts have been apart of construction for buildings and decls since the beginning. Finishing carpentry combines skilled trade and engineering together to bring beautiful structures that functional and unique.

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